STREIN is a prominent Russian sportswear brand established by a group of sport lovers. Founded in 2017, we specialize in manufacture of unique athletic and casual clothing collections. Many of our employees are active athletes, who are incorporating multifaceted experiences in their day to day job.

While using the best textiles and materials from Italy, China, and Korea, we’ve made a conscious decision to manufacture our products in Russia. Having our own infrastructure and production facilities allows us to control the production process from start to finish, guaranteeing the highest quality standards for our customers.

We are using the latest technologies in designing and manufacturing our clothing. It allows us to create strong, lasting, and durable products with anatomical fit and infinite high-quality logos and graphics.

Our first collection was issued in 2017. It was intended to provide a sportwear for martial arts, fitness, CrossFit, and surfing. As of right now, our collections cover more than 20 different sports.


Our company philosophy is based on philosophy’s principals of continuous self-development and growth. We make our clothing for those who are not afraid to make a step toward uncertainties and a better future.

STREIN (a transcription of eng. STRAIN)- is a tension, potential, exertion, development beyond boundaries. Our logo is a butterfly—a symbol of immortality and infinity, who is making its way of development and transformation from a simple cocoon to a beautiful creature. Likewise, any individual could realize his or her potential and achieve top results though discipline and hard work.


We provide a premium quality with affordable prices. By virtue of our QC from order placement to dispatch, all our processes and products are checked systematically and meticulously. That, along with our in-house QC department, ensures you receive a high-quality product you can depend on.

Each item is tested by our team of multisport professional athletes who make high-intensity training a part of their everyday lives.

We are using the latest technology solutions in our production, which guarantees the best quality, lasting well beyond your expectations. Logos and Graphics keep fresh colors for years. We provide the best anatomical fit you can ever find on a market